Waha Ridge

Waha Ridge is a steep, seaward sloping landscape. Poplars line the western slopes softening the slope to Huawai Bay. The sun rises on the eastern side of the farm, and then casts many a glorious sunset as it dips behind the hills to the west. From The Forest tent, uninterrupted water views of Pukapuka Inlet, frame our own “little bay of islands!”


20 years ago on a weekend escape, Roger and Beth found the calm waters of the Pukapuka Inlet to moor their boat. Almost forgotten, but not lost in the years of raising a family and running a business, memories returned a few years ago when they considered a move to the country.
Waha Ridge straddles the two fingers of Huawai Bay in the iconic Mahurangi Harbour. It is very steep terrain, that consequently delivers outstanding harbour views looking out toward Scott’s Landing. Waha is Maori for voice, inlet.

“We acknowledge that we are only stewards of this land and wish to tread on it lightly, thereby preserving it for future generations.”

Biolytix water tech

Enjoy the taste of natural rain water during your stay, filtered at the kitchen tap. Our waste water is all broken down using Biolytix technology that mimics nature’s way of returning waste to the soil.

No-Trace Foundation

Our tents are built on a platform using Stop Digging screws. The tent and the platform can all be removed, with no foundations left behind.


We have a plan in place for beginning to replant and regenerate significant parts of the farm in native bush. We believe in flourishing relationships and a flourishing environment.


Roger and Beth Harper

“Our move to the land fulfilled a life-time dream of ours. During a six year stint in the UK, escapes to the country and the hospitality of family literally nurtured us, body, soul and spirit. Discovering the power of nature to refresh and re-calibrate us has been an unfolding journey. We want to share this joyful experience with others – with you!”

“We share the ethos that like the land, we can heal, regenerate and flourish. Our hope and prayer is that our guests will be nourished in body, soul and spirit and will leave fully refreshed.”

“We are on a journey to grow food organically and have endeavoured to use organic materials and cleaning products to protect you and to service our beautiful tents. Enjoy drinking the natural rain water that will hydrate and nourish you inside and out (filtered in the kitchen) and some produce from the farm; usually lemons and fresh eggs.
We love this land and will do our best to be good stewards. We want to honour those who went before us and those who are to follow.”

– Roger and Beth Harper